Sailing Holidays in Palairou - Vounaki Marina, Aktio-Vonitsa, Ionian Islands, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Palairou - Vounaki Marina

Small harbor (marina) Vounáki (38°46’.3 N – 20°52’.7 E) is located 6.2 miles N of cape Kamiláfka. The marina is N-facing, has an entrance opening of about 40 m and depths of 5 m along the entrance axis. It is protected by a curved mole extending WNW for 220 m.

Its outer side is protected by natural boulders; the inner side is quayed. At its head stands a light (38°46´.3 N – 20°52´.7 E). Approximately in the middle of the quayued E coasts lies a curved jetty, extending NW for 120 m, with a T-shaped head. Depths off the head of the jetty are 4–2.3 m. The jetty separates the marina into two basins: the W one has depths of 4.5 m in the middle; the E one has depths of 3 m in the middle.

Yachts before entering the marina must contact the marina harbormaster in channel 1. in order to determine where they can berth. The marina operates from May until October.