Discover Feast of Saint Prophet Elias, Ithaca, Ionian Islands, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Discover Feast of Saint Prophet Elias

July 20 is the day of celebration of St. Elias Church near Kioni beach where a feast is organized with music and dance. During the day, small boats bring visitors to the chapel of the church to observe local traditions and customs.

According to tradition, St. Elias was sailor who, after having survived drowning several times, decided to settle down and live in a place where no one would know anything about the sea. So he placed a paddle on his shoulder and started asking everyone he would meet about the paddle and if they knew what it was.

As long as they recognized the paddle, St. Elias would keep going further up in his journey. Eventually he met a shepherd in the mountains and asked him about the paddle—the answer was “wood”.

At that moment, he decided to settle down in the mountains and according to tradition; this explains how all the churches dedicated to him are located in mountainous areas.