Sailing Holidays in Soroni Beach, Rhodes, Dodecanese, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Soroni Beach

The beach of Soroni is situated at the western coast of the island, at a distance of some 25 kilometers southwestern to the town of Rhodes. It is a pebbly beach and the sea is usually wavy and deepens brusquely. The beach is not much organized and only few visitors come here as, due to the vicinity to the airport, the aircrafts make enough noise. However, if you choose this beach you will have enough space for water games and games on the sand. In autumn the sea is somehow cold here. Those preferring to stay in the area will find accommodation facilities, food and drink and stores for shopping, in the homonymous village, only one kilometer far from the beach. In fact, staying in Soroni is a good choice if you prefer to be far from the noisy, cosmopolitan resorts of the island. Once at Soroni you have several things to do and see. At a distance of 3 kilometers southeastern to the beach, after a short drive within a pine wood, you will arrive at the tiny, cute church of Aghios Soulas. A local feast (panighyri) takes place here on the 29th and 30th of July in honor of the saint. The feast is one of the greatest of the island and many people attend it. During the panighyri horse and ... donkey races are organized. As the event is very popular, extra public buses departing from the town of Rhodes, get the people to the church. Access to the beach of Soroni is easy by public buses from the town of Rhodes, by taxi and, of course by rented or private car and motorbikes.