Sailing Holidays in Erotospilia - Porto Rafti Beach

Small sandy, rocky, pebbled beach and caves, inside a small bay one kilometers northwest of the resort town of Porto Raftis, located about 9 km east of Markopoulos and about 36 east of downtown Athens. This is a beach sheltered from the strong summer winds (winds). There are beach so you need all your essentials. The Porto Raftis port is easily accessible by the Attiki Odos. Attica Street / Airport Direction / Output Markopoulo. Alternative route is toll-free from Vari - Koropi until Markopoulos. In Markopoulos we encounter signs that lead you to Porto Raftis, which was mentioned as a port Mesogaias, which confuses drivers. Arriving in Porto Raftis (from the airport approximately 15 minutes) the road will lead you to the beach where the entrance to the city does not go to the port. And then goes just past the first cafes are good to ask how you go to the beach Erotospilia. The road is paved but the car would leave and walk about 5 minutes to go down. All that will reward you in the end. The beach is straight to green, sandy beach and has good natural shade. Also has a good beach bar and the beach is at the caves. The feeling of being on vacation on an island in the Ionian acquired quickly. The water is very clean and very nice views as you face islets and the city of Porto tailor the many boats moored there.