Sailing Holidays in Varnava Beach

This is a beautiful, clean beach. Located in Attica, at the Evian Gulf. It lies 12 kilometers from the village of Varnabas and linked with it by a difficult but paved road. The route has many variations. Arriving at the beach, visitors will encounter the church of St. Demetrius. Next you can see the beach Ntormperi. At the end of the beach along the only path left to reach Ntorperi Source. An excellent source of the landscape, trees and paved. If we follow the right direction, by St. Demetrios, we find the PORT or St. Demetrios, a small bay. Then we see the old church of St. Panteleimon and immediately after the beach snagging, with its beautiful sandy beach. On the beach there are shops catering and two canteens. It is an easy way for residents of the city and weekends are filled with visitors.