Sailing Holidays in Perigiali Beach

Beautiful, yet easy-access destination is the sandy beach 'Perigiali' of Keratea. The beach is located between the villages of Agia Marina and Mikrolimano Tzonima. For those who are not troubled to dive with many viewers, this beach is perfect! To get to Perigiali, you can follow the Attiki Odos until the end, towards the exit Markopoulo Lavrion Avenue. Alternatively, you can go to Lavrion, via the Kalivia. Pass Keratea on your right and continue to Lavrion where to sign the wind turbines will see the hill on your left, your left you will see sign that says 'For the prophet Elias', so you turn and follow the signs that exist in many places the road. Profitis Elias is a beautiful church on top of a promontory, which can only be observed immediately. At that point you turn left and continue until you go up the hill and find a great downhill to your right (beware of steep slope that is!). Going down the hill to keep the left coast until you see the beach that the locals call the shore. Somewhere beneath the trees, you can park. If you are interested in diving should know that the depth does not exceed twenty feet, but can these measures can have many pleasant surprises. The rocky bottom you will find many places for beautiful pictures and will surely help the good visibility that exists on most days of the year. The beach has very fine sand, not beach so be sure to have with us all the necessities.