Sailing Holidays in Marmariou Harbor, Karystos, Cyclades, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Marmariou Harbor

The port is protected from west by a mole, which extends to the south-southwest. Its outer side is protected by natural boulders. The inner side of the mole is quayed only for 105 meters from the root to the head, with depths that vary from 2.7 meters at the root and increase reaching 4.2 meters close to its end.

From the root of the inner side of the mole, a quay which extends up to 100 meters east, starts and has two ramps that are used for landing of car ferries. The depths near them are 2.7 meters and decrease to east reaching 1.7 meters. The quayed part of the port between the mole and the central pier is used by small vessels.