Sailing Holidays in Drakospita (Dragonhouses)

An extremely unique archeological monument is located in southern Euvoia. Drakospita, i.e. dragon houses, is the 25 famous constructions that are built with huge limestones. Many theories have sought to explain when, how and for which use the dragonhouses were built. Some have claimed that they were ancient sanctuaries of either Zeus or Hera or Heracles temples. Others believe that they might have been guard posts or defensive structures, or even shelters for lumberjacks.

Hiking up at Drakospita is a lifetime experience! The area is isolated and member of the Natura 2000 one, for its natural beauty and its wild fauna. Starting from the location of Myloi Karystou to the shelter at 1100m, visitors can see many small animals and century-old trees at the location Kastanologgos. From here, there is a well-signed path that leads to the peak of the mountain. A stop at the chapel of Profitis Ilias and a visit to a Drakospito would be an amazing experience!