Sailing Holidays in Milatos Cave

Cave of Milatos is well known for the tragedy that took place in 1823. In winter of 1822-23, Hassan Pasha devastated the Lassithi Plateau. The residents of the villages took refuge in the cave of Milatos (and many other caves nearby). Turks sieged the cavern for more than 20 days and finally captured residents, who were killed and tortured. Historical evidence reveals that more than 1000 people were hidden in the cave!The cave has 8 entrances along a face of 40m. The main entrance has 9m width and 2m height. The right entrance allows the daylight illuminating the room where the chapel of Saint Thomas is built.To visit the cave, visitors should walk 10 to 15 minutes in the uphill footpath. Torches are necessary to explore the deeper points of the cave.