Sailing Holidays in Tourlidas Beach

Tourlidas will swim to the open Gulf of Patras. It lies 5 km from the city and the journey is fascinating, because the paved road goes into the lagoon. It took its name from a type of sea birds that were there the Curlews. There you will see the Black Salt. Told the black because the salt is lower in quality than the White, the other salt lake located on the road to Etoliko. Handsome is the settlement with the curlew wooden houses (pelades), where many spend their holidays Mesologi. Today is the beach of Missolonghi. The Curlew was until 1885 the island. There he anchored the ships, before the harbor, and from there the waters are very shallow. The road which joined the city created by the excavations, made for the construction of the harbor. In Curlew are bars and restaurants and a cafeteria.