Sailing Holidays in Uvala Hiljača

Uvala Hiljača (43°52′N 15°20′E) on the NE side of Otok Žut, is entered between a point 1 mile SE of Rt Strunac and a point half mile farther S. The villages of Sabuni and Pristanišće are situated, respectively, at the head of a cove in the NW corner of the bay, and on the S side of the bay. Otočić Gustac lies in the mouth of the bay, connected at its E end to the N entrance point of the bay by a bank, least depth 7·2 m and about 185 meters wide. There are depths of 33 m in the middle of the bay. Anchorage may be obtained, in sand, good holding: Under Otočić Gustac or off Sabuni in reported depths of 5 to 9 m during a Bora. Off the village of Pristanišće, sheltered from all winds, which is the preferred anchorage. The bay is not recommended as an anchorage in bad weather.