Sailing Holidays in Uvala Stara Povljana

Uvala Stara Povljana indents the SE side of Otok Pag between Rt Prutna (44°17′N 15°11′E), from which a light is exhibited, and Rt Škamica, 2 miles ENE, on which stands an obelisk. The bay forms part of Ninsko-Ljubački Kanal. Otočić Mišjak, from which a light is exhibited, and the NW extremity of Poluotok Zečevo project into the bay. Recommended anchorages, sheltered from the Bora, are situated, positioned from Rt Prutna: off Uvala Gradac (1½ miles NNE) SE of the village of Smokvica, and in Sidrište Škamica (1140 meters miles NE). The holding ground is good and suitable boulders are available ashore for hawsers.