Sailing Holidays in Okrug

The Town of Okrug was first mentioned at the end of the Middle Ages, and the traces of the former way of life, as well as the precious cultural heritage add a special charm to the Town. Visit old stone houses in the Town center, as well as picturesque fields and olive groves surrounded by drywalls - which indicate that its original inhabitants were fishermen and farmers. Small picturesque churches and countryside, where hermits and nobles used to find their refuge and a place to rest, are the sites that will certainly enrich your vacation experience! There is the ancient Church of St. Tudor, located on the very coast in Okrug Gornji - where, according to historical records, the first hermit arriving from the Town of Trogir withdrew to the solitude of the place, the remains of the late Antiquity site of the Church and Monastery of St. Euphemia on the Island of Sveta Fumija, as well as the remains of the summer residence of Racettini brothers at the Racetinovac Bay, are just a few among the intriguing stone witnesses of the rich history of this region.