Sailing Holidays in Zaljev Komiža

Zaljev (Zaliv) Komiža (43°02′N 16°04′E), a spacious and deep bay, is entered betweem Rt Stupišće and Križni rat, 2 miles N. The town and small port of Komiža is situated in the NE corner of the bay with a small harbour protected by a mole. Vessels can anchor on a bottom of mud off Komiža, where, because depths are considerable, it is necessary to go close inshore. The best anchorages are about 450 meters W and 0. 4 miles S of the molehead light, in about 30 m. Care should be taken not to anchor near the submarine pipeline which extends about 300 m W from a position about 280 meters SE of the molehead. Anchorage is not recommended too far offshore on account of the depth, or in the S part of the bay where the bottom is rocky and the Bora blows in violent gusts.