Sailing Holidays in Vodnjan

Vodnjan is a picturesque town located in the southwest of Istrian Peninsula, around 12 kilometers north of Pula. It was built on the remains of prehistoric hill fort, and because of great atmospheric conditions it was inhabited during the Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Main activities of the population were agriculture, winery and olive oil production, so it is not surprising that today there are top-quality wine and olive oil being produced in this area. Every year there is a traditional olive oil manifestation being held in Vodnjan, where you can try some of the finest olive oils in the world. The historic part of town is full of churches, gothic houses and palaces, old wells and building decorations, along with slim and curvy streets. Vodnjan has a rich cultural and historical ancestry, and its biggest attraction are the mummified remains of three saints in the Church of St Blaise, which are admired because of their preservation. The surroundings of Vodnjan has a large number of the "kažuns", round stone field houses which were used as a cover for the cattle and people and for keeping tools and marking territories. Vodnjan is today an administrative center of the municipality of the same name which includes Galižana, Peroj, Barbariga and Gajana. The town has two official languages (Croatian and Italian). Majority of the autochthonous population is called "Bumbari" with their unique dialect, folklore, jewels, costumes, dances and customs. Even though it is located in the interior it has a coast of almost 9 km length.