Sailing Holidays in Luka Črvar

Luka Črvar is entered between Rt Rt (45°18′N 13°34′E) and Rt Soline, 1. 5 miles SSE, from which two shallow rocky spits extend a considerable distance offshore. At its head the harbour divides into two creeks. Uvalica Sveta Marina to the N trending NE and Uvala Lunga to the S, leading E. The village of Črvar-Porat and a large holiday complex with a marina are situated in Uvala Lunga. Suitable for coasters near the head of the harbour 0. 4 miles ENE of Rt Soline, in 15 to 18 m, soft mud, good holding. There are boulders ashore to which hawsers can be secured. Marina Črvar-Porat is situated on the S side of Uvala Lunga, adjacent to large hotel complex.