Sailing Holidays in Labin

Labin, a picturesque town situated on a 320 meters high hill and only three kilometers from the seaside, was inhabited already two thousand years B.G. The town is divided into the Old Town and Podlabin. The Old Town of Labin is a typical Istrian town built as an acropolis, while Podlabin was built during the so-called fascist era, when the nearby coalmines were run by the Italian authorities. The heart of Old Labin boasts a rich architectural heritage. It is here that you will find Renaissance and Baroque patrician palaces (including the Battiala-Lazzarini palace, now home to the Town Museum), in which numerous renowned intellectuals and artists were born. Today Old Labin is known as a town of artists and you will discover traces of history in all of its streets and squares. In the spring, active holiday lovers will be thrilled with cycling and walking routes, while during the summer you may test your physical fitness in the diving school in Rabac. Choose Rabac and Labin as your favourite Istrian holiday destinations and enjoy your stay here at any time of year. Whether you come here with friends or children, you will discover the charms of Labin’s unique nature and take your deserved time to relax and unwind