Sailing Holidays in Smokvica

Smokvica is a village on the island of Korčula and a municipality in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia. Smokvica is located in the centre of the island of Korčula, about 4 kilometers west of Čara, 13 kilometers east of Blato and 4 kilometers north from Brna. It is known as the birthplace of one of the best-known Croatian wines - Pošip. The large Neo-Romanesque church of the Purification of Our Lady was designed by Oton Iveković and built in 1920 on the site of an older church which was built in 1666. Beside it is a "loggia", a baroque building surrounded by columns on all sides. In the village there are several old patrician summer houses, and nearby there are several small early-medieval churches. The Ante Cefera cultural and performing society in the village nurtures the music and local folk dance called Kumpanija. Smokvica has several fertile fields that are named Krusevo, Prapratna, Stiniva, Banja, Sitnica, Livin Dol and Cipojino polje. The seaside village of Brna is part of the municipality of Smokvica. Over 70% of the area of the municipality is forested land. About 250 hectares (625 acres) are devoted to vineyards with about two million grape vines. Another 144 hectares (360 acres) are olive orchards with 176,000 olive trees.