Sailing Holidays in Luka Sobra

Luka Sobra is entered between Rt Pusti (42°45′N 17°37′E) and a headland about 0. 6 miles SE. It is the most important harbour on Otok Mljet and serves the village of Babino Polje, 2140 meters miles W. The village of Sobra is situated in the SW corner of the bay. The bottom in the middle of the harbour is rocky and in other parts covered only by a thin layer of mud, sand or shingle; therefore should only be used in an emergency. Anchorage may be obtained in 29 to 64 m sand; the N side is preferred where depths are least and shelter from N is obtained. A rocky bank, about 0. 3 miles SSE of Rt Pusti, with a depth over it of 11⋅8 m should be avoided. Coasters may obtain anchorage in: Uvalica Zaglav, S of Otočić Badanj, which provides the best shelter in a Bora or Scirocco, taking care to avoid a submarine cable from Poluotok Pelješac. Uvalica Klačna Luka, a small cove in the NW corner of the bay, in about 40 m; the cove is entered between a small projection, about 0. 3 miles NNW of Sobra, and the coast, about 450 meters NNE. Space in the cove is limited by shallow spits which extend from both entrance points, and by a bank which borders the shore. An isolated 13·5 m patch lies in the entrance about midway between the extremities of the spits. Hawsers should be laid out to the shore in both these anchorages on account of the holding ground.