Sailing Holidays in Corinth, Corinthian Gulf

Sailing Holidays in Corinth

Corith’s center has wide streets, parks, squares and a picturesque harbor with fishing boats. The city was inhabited since the Neolithic Ages, as evidenced by a settlement dating back to 5000 B.C. which was discovered in the area of Korakou, while in antiquity it was one of the biggest and greatest cities of Greece.

It played a key role during the Peloponnesian War and after 200 B.C. became the capital of the Achaean League whilst under Julius Caesar’s rule it became the capital of the province of Achaia. Its medieval history is connected with its impressive fortress, the Acrocorinth (Akrokorinthos).

In 1858 a strong earthquake destroyed the city, which was rebuilt with good antiseismic specifications and a good town planning plan, 9 km north from the ancient town. In its place there is a small, cute village, the Old Corinth. It is located 84 km west of Athens.