Racing Aegina

Set sails for a pure adventure!

Join us on one of our racing yachts for an exciting hands-on sailing experience in the Saronic Gulf! With course set on Aegina Island you will sail under the command of a sailing expert who involves you into different roles of the crew. In Aegina you will have plenty of time to swim, visit the Temple of Afea, have a typical Greek lunch and stroll around in the picturesque village. The adventure starts in the morning from Faliro Bay or Mikrolimano and returns in the early evening. The yacht can board from 6 to 8 passengers.

  • Depart: 10:00 from Zea Marina
  • Return: 20:00 at Zea Marina
  • Sailing Time: approximately 6:00 h
  • Max Persons: 8 pax
  • Day Cruise Cost: from 960 € 795

Racing Yacht

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  • Model IMX 40
  • Length 12 m

Aegina Marina

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Aegina Harbour, being close to Athens, is always crowded - especially during weekends. Yachts moor stern/bow-to using their anchors either on the north quay, where there are depths of 2.

Perdika Harbor

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The small harbor of Perdikas lies on the SW coast of the island, 3.5 miles SSE of Aegina harbor.

Moni Island Beach

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The island of Moni is opposite of Perdika, 8 minutes by boat. There are no inhabitants, but only deers, wild goats and peacocks that come close to you, in order to feed them.