Zannos Antonis

Antonis has more than thirty years of sailing experience and over 30.000 miles on board. After his graduation from the Naval High School of Andros, he worked as a captain on seagoing ships and laterin luxury motor sailers, motor and sailing yachts. He speaks English fluently. He is very friendly and dynamic-- attributes that make him the ideal partner for adventurous sailing explorations.
  •  Years:more than 30 years
  •  Miles:more than 30000 miles
  •  Specific experience in:
    • Sailing Yachts: Odysseus, Dynamic 63ft - Kallisto, Swan 80ft - Amadeus, 110ft - Aello, 128ft
    • Motor Yachts: Ostria 72ft
    • Catamarans
    • Motor Sailers
    • Racing Yachts
    • Cruising Yachts
1983Naval High School Of AndrosGraduate
1990School Of MerchantCapten Ellas C
1989GmdssGeneral Operations
1970Chief Mate Of Cargo And Passenger Ships
1970AssociationCertificate Title
1996Stcw 95First Aid
1970Crew Management
1996ΝΟΠΦLife Raft
2015ISAFIsaf Accreditation Proccess
1990International School Of Life Saving And Fire Fighting Appliances
1992National Convention For Standards Of Training, Certification And Watchkeeping
  • English


  • Captain

    01/1986 - 01/1989   Orion And Andriaki

    On seagoing ships, cargo boats and tankers.
  • Captain

    05/1999 - 07/1999   M/y Ostria

  • Captain

    07/1999 - 11/2000   Status Yachting

    Captain at S/Y Odysseus type Dynamic 63ft Bermuda, cutter, two-membered crew.
  • Captain

    02/2001 - 03/2003   Vernicos Yachting

    S/Y Marina II, type CNB 64ft Bermuda sloop.
  • Captain

    03/2003 - 02/2004   Atalanta Marine

    S/Y Kallisto, Swan 80ft Bermuda sloop
  • Captain

    04/2004 - 01/2006   Big Blue Yachting

    S/Y Amadeus, Dynamic 110ft Bermuda cutter
  • Captain

    05/2007 - 07/2014   Aello

    S/Y Aello, 128ft type guff scooner.
  • Sports

    • Hiking/Trekking/Climbing
    • Fishing/Spear gun
    • Scuba Diving/ Snorkelling

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