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We established Sail la Vie combining our passion for sailing, our admiration for Greece and our expertise in web and mobile technologies. Sail-la-vie.com is the most integrated platform for sailing vacations in Greece. Our services aim to create end-to-end sailing experiences, which offer complete assistance for planning, booking and enjoying cruises in Greece.

Sail la Vie services are organised in 7 Phases, which we advise to follow consecutively, in order to take full advantage of the state of the art services offered. From discovering the Greek Archipelago, till enjoying with safety the sailing vacations, and keeping memories of the moments you will live.

  1. Discover

    Maps and sailing tips to explore the Greek Archipelago

  2. Plan

    Online tools to plan your own route and share with your friends

  3. Book

    Online booking engine to charter your preferred Yacht & Skipper

  4. Get Ready

    Information and mobile apps to prepare to 'live' the Experience

  5. Enjoy

    Online route tracking and seniors assistance to enjoy the Sailing Experience

  6. Review

    Online forms to evaluate offered Charter & Hospitality Services

  7. Remember

    Online logbook to keep & share your actual route and photos from the moments you will live

Our motto is "Enjoy Sailing in Greece" and to guarantee this we have developed the "Sail-Safe" Quality System with which we evaluate ours and our partners yachts and provided services. This assessment is a combination of the yacht specifications, the control visit of an expert and the clients’ reviews. Thus Sail la Vie Cruises are known as extremely enjoyable and safe with high quality standards.

We would like to welcome you aboard to Navigate your Experience and to thank you for visiting Sail-la-vie.com. We would be happy to contact us if we could be of any assistance or just to share with us your impressions and comments from your visiting experience.

The "Sailing" Team of Sail-la-vie.com


Vaggelis is co-founder and general manager at Sail la Vie. His main interest is the development of innovative web & mobile services for sea tourism. He holds an engineering diploma and bachelor in economics. He has over 10 years experience in large multinational companies prior starting Sail la Vie. Sailing is his favorite sport and he has participated in several sailing races in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. ​Vaggelis is responsible for the customers from the Emirates and Asia region.​

Christina is co-founder and international communications manager at Sail la Vie. She has over 15 years experience, built in an international environment, including 5-star hotels and mega yachts. She holds a bachelor from Ecole Hôtelière of Lausanne and a masters in multimedia communications. Christina loves sailing, riding and surfing. She likes to give attention to every detail.

George is racing sailing specialist and technical director at Sail la Vie. He is involved for over 35 years with sailing, which is his main passion. He has studied architecture in Greece, Denmark & Sweden. George was Sports Equipment Manager for Sailing during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and he is currently technical consultant of several Olympic teams. He has organised dozen of sailing events all over the world.

Stelios is sailing​ holidays​ specialist at Sail la Vie.​ He has sailed, together with Vaggelis, all over Greece. He enjoys advising Sail la Vie customers of the areas they could visit for sailing holidays and provides sailing tips for every destination. He holds an engineering diploma and was Venue Technology Manager during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. He has participated in several sailing races in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea.

Despina is events manager at Sail la Vie. She has experience in communications strategies and she has organised several cultural, sports and business events both for public and private customers. She was Spectator Services Manager during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. She holds a diploma and a masters degree in Arts History.

Tomas is information technology manager at Sail la Vie. He has more than 10 years of experience in web design and he is passionate about css and data visualization. He holds a Library Science and Information Systems degree. You may read more about him at his blog tomas.gr

Niki is customer service associate at Sail la Vie. She has recently graduated and she is passionate when communicating with the customers, trying to find the best possible solution for them.

Michael is sailing specialist and responsible for the German region at Sail la Vie. He holds a journalism degree and he is passionate with filming and sailing in Greece.

​Gina is yachting expert with more than 20 years experience in the East Mediterranean. Her family owns a sailing yacht in Greece. She is currently based in ​Florida, US​A​ and she is responsible for the American region.

Raphael is sailing yachts owner and responsible for the Benelux region at Sail la Vie. He holds an engineering diploma and he is passionate about racing mechanics. He loves sailing in Greece.​


  • Customer: Coralia O., from USA
  • Charter Date: 30/05/2015
  • Sailing Area: Cyclades
  • Catamaran: Lagoon 500 - ELVIRA

We had an amazing time on Elvira! Captain Patrikis, Niko and Anna are wonderful hosts and made our cruise extra special! The captain planned our journey mad made all our desires happen. Anna is the BEST cook and a wonderful person. Nikos is more quiet but very nice too. We would highly recommend the Elvira and especially the crew to anyone - it has been a magical trip. The highlights were Anna's cooking, Paros Island and sailing with the dolphins

We really enjoyed our trip through the Greek Islands. The wonderful crew we had made our trip unforgettable and full of pleasure and emotions. This trip gave us inspiration for next year and we hope to come back to BEAUTIFUL Greece. The Russian Team Svetlana, Irina, Ekaterina, Evgeny, Vladimir, Stepan, Ilya


HARTIS Intergrated Nautical Services Ltd

SAIL LA VIE is a Business Unit of HARTIS, Integrated Nautical Services Ltd that provides Yacht Charter Services for Sailing in Greece. Our company name comes from the Greek word "Χάρτης" that means "Map" and relates to the science of Cartography (chartes or charax = sheet of papyrus or paper and graphein = to write), that builds on the premise that reality can be modeled in ways that communicate spatial information effectively, combining science, aesthetics and technique.

Our vision is to promote "Safe Sailing" among the amateur Sailors community, by utilising advanced Navigation techniques based on modern Nautical Cartography practices. Our mission is to become the leader in providing Sailing Navigation services and products for the most beautiful Eastern Mediterranean Sea and our major partner is the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service.

Licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization [G.N.T.O]

Member of the Hellenic Yacht Brokers Association [H.Y.B.A]




Special Offerings

Day Cruises

Day Cruise in Athens

Sail la Vie has designed 5 special day packages for the guests of Athens City to explore the Athenian Riviera. You may swim in an nearby island, trim the sails of a racing yacht, visit Cape Sounion with a classic yacht, explore the Saronic Islands on a speed motor yacht or just enjoy the Athenian sunset feeling the sea breeze. See how...

Sailing Events

Sailing Events in Greece

Sail la Vie spesializes in organising Sailing Events. A corporate sailing event is a great way to move a business forward! Whether we want to treat our clients, challenge or reward our staff, or simply create an opportunity to have fun and build closer relationships, a sailing experience will ensure positive results. Find more details...

Pilgrimage Cruises

Pilgrimage Cruises

Cruise to places of religious devotion, combine a rich spiritual experience with a relaxing break in the most beautiful spots of Greece. Sail la Vie has selected the most important sacred places and designed 3 different cruises that will take you on a religious journey through Greece. Come join us on one of our exclusive pilgrimage cruises around the Greek Islands. See how...