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Samothrace is located in the Northern Aegean Sea and is wreathed by mount Saos, the highest mountain in the Aegean islands. There is evidence of human activity on the rich with archaeological treasures island since the Neolithic times. But it is the Kaviria Mysteries –a religious event of great importance, equal to that of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

High altimeters are prevailed by plane, oak, cedar, and chestnut trees, while the lower parts look like a jungle of shrubs. Hundreds of crystal watered streams flow from mount Saos to rush through the forests all the way to the sea. On their way, they form waterfalls and stone basins, the so called “váthres”.

A nature wonder in the form of a waterfall is situated in the Northeast; it is Kremastó. The water there goes through some iron rocks to obtain a sweet, reddish color before fiercely ending into the sea. Along the north and the eastern coastline there are wetlands formed seasonally. Migratory birds call at the mouth of Foniás, at the wetland of Vdelolimni, whereas the lagoon of Agios Andreas near Kamariótissa is popular with birdwatchers.

The beach of the Gardens with the black and gray shiny pebbles stands out. In the south, there is the only sandy beach of the island, Pachia Ammos (“thick sand”) where you can marvel at the –perched-on-a-steep-rock chapel of Panagia Krimniotissa. The fascinating bottom of the sea and the underwater life abundance appear transparent through the crystal clear waters.

Chóra, a traditional village hanging on steep slopes, is the enchanting capital of Samothrace. Its cobbled streets lead high on the hill to the medieval castle of the Gateluzi family. The Folklore Museum and the Church of the Assumption (1875) are worth a visit.

Navigational Aids

Kamariotissa Harbor

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Kamariotissa is the main harbor for the island. It provides good all around shelter but a strong SW wind brings in an uncomfortable swell.

Sir Winston Churchill

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Motor Sailer for Charter

  • Berths 12
  • Built 1960
  • Length 134.50 ft

Therma Harbor

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Loutra or Thérma is the new second artificial harbor that opened in 2002. It is reported to have depths over 3 m and it provides good or better protection from the meltemi (the Etesians) than Kamariotissa.

Fonias Waterfall at Therma

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The river Fonias creates many lakes and waterfalls. Kremasto is the biggest and most impressive one, 35m in height and forms a lake with a diameter of 30m.

Kamariotissa Bay

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Sail la Vie 379

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 8
  • Built 2014
  • Length 37.90 ft


Sanctuary of Great Gods

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Samothraki is the home of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, site of important Hellenic and pre-Hellenic religious ceremonies. Considerable remains still exist of the ancient walls, which were built in massive Cyclopean style, as well as of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, where mysterious rites took place in ancient time.

Fonia Beach

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Named after the medieval Fonias Tower that lies at the side. A long beach, with pebbles and clean waters.


Gyali Beach

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A relatively small beach with white pebble and green-blue waters. The sea is so clean that it looks like glass (=gyali in Greek), after which the beach was named.

Lagoon 450

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2015
  • Length 45.00 ft

Kipos Beach

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Kremastos Beach

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The largest waterfall of the Mediterranean that flows into the sea from a great height. You can get here by boat and enjoy your swim with a view to the waterfall and the Pania Grias, strange white lines on the rocks as if they were drawn.

Pachia Ammos Beach

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The most beautiful beach of the island. It is an enormous sandy beach in the most southern point of the island.


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Mega Yacht for Charter


Therma Beach

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An organized beach with pebble, straw umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar. Be careful as the cold water deepens very suddenly.

Vatos Beach

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A beautiful sandy beach, surrounded by high rocks with caves. On the east, the famed waterfall of Kremastos can be found.

Samothraki Diving Centre VAIKOUZIS SUB

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Diving Center

Join our scuba diving courses and get the feeling of flying in a weightless environment with the colorful marine life around you. Experienced instructors will train you and help you to enjoy the course.

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